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Welcome to Zezenia Online!

Zezenia Online is an actively developed free-to-play 2D MMORPG. Ascend your character to one of the 7 subclasses, explore a huge map in a medieval setting, complete challenging quests for great rewards, take part in intense PVP battles and more.   Learn more
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3301 monthly active players.

Welcome to Zezenia Online!

Zezenia Online is a free to play 2D MMORPG, featuring a huge medieval world with hundreds of monsters, spells and quests to explore. The game is not playable on mobile devices like phones or tablets, but you can browse the website.

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3301 active players.
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Explore various areas and solve quests. Battle unique boss monsters like the Birlusk Thyns. Battle strong and dangerous creatures like Demons and Hellish Archangels. Explore the magical elven underground camps. Partake in intense, fast-paced PVP battles. Rent and decorate your own player house.
Explore quests
Teamhunt strong bosses
Battle fierce monsters
Explore magical areas
Participate in PVP battles
Decorate your own home

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Anmael Elysium +9 048 839 experience
Pain Yahiko Everath +21 478 220 experience
Chapa Arrow Pharos +18 261 553 experience

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Map of Zezenia city Ellaria
New to Zezenia Online? Check out of the capital city map.

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Let's reveal some information about the upcoming update!

First of all, the update will bring few new quests and we believe that rewards for performing these tasks will surprise even demanding players. One of these rewards will allow players to increase damage of all offensive spells.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Upcoming update will bring also many improvements to boss creatures. For example, Keogruteras will be able to temporarily increase damage by 35%, Jovsrettok will be able to paralyze target's fingers. Either way, each boss will receive two - three new abilities or spells.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot
Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

In addition, in caves around Ben Qarassih new dangerous monsters will appear. Be ready for a meeting with Geck'zards.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Stay tuned
Your Zezenia Online Staff

Small note about our plans
We would like to assure that our game is still being developed and if everything will go well, you can expect some improvements in short time. We donít want to assess at this stage when and what will be introduced. At the same time we are working at the jubilee and holiday update. Be patient and stay tuned.

Breaking the rules
Every player who decided to register the account in ZezeniaOnline has accepted our Rules. He/She accepted therefore all the points of the rules which clearly describe our approach to using the illegal programmes, sharing/selling the accounts and so on. Concerning this - hopefully no one has no doubts - no one, nor we nor the gamers do not imagine that the punishment for these acts would be lighter.

Abolition decree
Point 1 of our rules can cause misunderstandings, this point enables us to use force or rather eliminate wrongly formulated names of the gamers. We are sorry that as for now 4 gamers have lost their accounts for 30 days as a consequence of gaining 3 or more warning points because of having namelocks, bit the truth is these gamers have clearly gave reasons to use the tool causing changing the nick. On the other hand the punishment for this prosaic act is disproportionally high and for those gamers who got this kind of punishment, the abolishment would be done and bans will be removed. Because of these facts we request to check your accounts and subjective assessment of the names of your characters. If you think that any of your characters has a name not compliant with point one of our rules, report this using report function (Ctrl+R) or inform us about this via email ([email protected]). The abolition will last 30 days, and during this time everyone who will get minimum 3 warning points because of the namelock, will not lose their account for the next 30 days. Anyway, abolition does not apply to names that are offensive or unsuitable for children.

The next vulnerable point of rules is that destructive behaviour, including abuse of bugs or game weakness to cause harm to other players or limiting their access to gameplay is forbidden. Recently we have detected the possibility to block 'mana draining' with the help 'afking player'. This is literally - game weakness, which enables the player connected with this act to diminish the finances during the hunt, and getting the warning for this kind of act is positive. On the other hand every game weakness should be repaired so that using this kind of situations would be eliminated. We will take care of it!

Your Zezenia Online Staff

We have released small fixes, downloading a new client is not needed. Below is a list of released changes:

Easter Events improved - right now every player who will kill at least 100 giant devilish chicks / giant chicks will be able to take reward. Anyway there are 4 reward stages (at least 100/200/300/350 kills). Higher stage - more special easter eggs as reward. Anyway, do not be late and ask about your reward before Saturday. Remember that if you decide to take a reward at lower stage then you will be not be able to continue your task, because your participation in the event will be irreversibly marked as 'finished'.

Baphomet's Residence - small change on map

Unknown mechanism
In four dungeons, unknown switches have appeared. Nobody has any idea what this mechanism is for. Try to use them and solve mystery of the lonely dungeon switches.

Possibility to attack target in non-pvp zones with Strong Bewilderment, Bewilderment has been disabled.

Additional Stats
From now, listed items come with the following additional statistics:
- sinister eyes - 3% hp steal
- ceremonial archmage rod - 2% hp steal
- glowing spectre - 1 magic level and 1 % magic defense
- noble Zezenian wand - 1 magic level and 1 % magic defense

Map Bugs
Several map bugs were fixed

Happy Hunting!
Your Zezenia Online Staff