Game Rules

The Game Rules are defined to ensure a fun and fair environment in Zezenia Online. Staff of Zezenia Online oversees that the Game Rules are followed by the players of the game. Rule violations will result in either a warning, a temporary banishment or account deletion.

  1. Names that are offensive or unsuitable for children or a work environment are forbidden. Names may not be a random combination of letters, and they may not impersonate Zezenia Online Staff or game mechanics. Names that are in the form of a statement or sentence are forbidden. (Results in a namelock plus an automatic warning point.)
  2. Personal attacks like racism, sexism or general insults and excessive profanity are forbidden. (Results in a warning or 1-14 day ban at GM discretion.)
  3. Causing any hassle in public chat channels, such as flooding, spamming, invalid language and non-topic discussion are forbidden. (Results in a warning or a 1-14 day ban at GM discretion.)
  4. Advertising third party services or trades to other games or real life currency or items is forbidden. (Results in warning or variable length ban at GM discretion.)
  5. Modifying the client software in any way, or using third-party software or hardware to gain an advantage over other players is forbidden. In addition, a Game Master, to remove his doubts, may appear and ask about a short and logical conversation with you. (Advanced bots result in ban until deletion, otherwise a major ban.)
  6. Accounts are personal, and may not be used by anyone else, shared or traded. Messaging intent to share or trade accounts is also forbidden. (Traded accounts result in a ban until deletion, other cases a major ban.)
  7. Destructive behaviour, including abuse of bugs or game weakness to cause harm to other players or limiting their access to gameplay is forbidden. (Results in a warning or variable length ban at GM discretion.)
  8. Excessive criticism of staff actions and excessive demanding of banishments on other players is forbidden. Feedback is welcome, but you have to keep it rational. (Results in a warning or variable length ban at GM discretion.)
  9. Invalid payment chargebacks are forbidden. (Results in a ban until deletion.)

Major ban implies 28 days on first major offense, 56 days on second major offense and ban until deletion on third major offense. Three warnings points within 30 days lead to an automatic 28 day ban. Criminal record entries will never expire.

For reference you can view the old rules here.
Last modified 19th February 2016

Terms & Conditions

This agreement describes the terms on which you are offered access to the game Zezenia Online and it's website (later "the service") by Saucer Software (later "we"). By using the service you accept these terms and conditions, and understand that we reserve the right to modify the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or the Game Rules at any time without explicit prior notice. To use the service you must be of legal age in your country or have permission from your legal guardian.

Compliance with the Game Rules and Privacy Policy is required. Violating any of the Game Rules will lead to limitation of access or complete account termination.

We are not liable for any damages that may occur during the use or download of the Zezenia Online client software. The Zezenia Online client software is provided "as is" without any warranty or assurance that it will work for you. We are not liable for any lost property or damages occurring in connection with the service including, without limitation, loss of items, accounts, characters or other data due to errors or changes to the service.
Last modified 11th August 2014

Privacy Policy

Saucer Software (www.saucersoftware.com, [email protected], Business ID 2405934-9) (later "our", "we") strives to respect its customers' privacy and works hard to keep data safe. The data we gather is stored in our individual databases, which are not shared with third parties unless so required by a law enforcement agency.

The information we gather automatically from every user includes, without limitation, the IP-address, access date and browser information (such as version number). Upon account registration we store the user's chosen login name, password (encrypted), e-mail address, character names and other data required to provide the service. We use the stored information to be technically able to provide our service and to gather anonymous statistical information in an effort to optimize our service for everyone.

We utilize third party services such as Google Analytics to collect statistical information needed to further improve the service. These services may store cookies on your computer. Additionally cookies are used to provide features such as account login and other personalization systems of the website. Cookies are similar to small text files stored on your computer. If you do not want to accept cookies, or want to remove them, consult your web browser's manual.

In connection with purchases of additional services we store, in addition to the above information, the customer's name, postal address and e-mail address. This information is saved in order to comply with local business and tax regulations.
Last modified 11th August 2014

Additional Buyer Agreement

This Additional Buyer Agreement describes the terms on which Saucer Software offers Premium Content in the game Zezenia Online.

Each "Zezenia Online Premium Card" yields 24 hours of special access to Premium Content. Saucer Software reserves the right to change, add or remove any Premium Content at any time. The customer may revoke the payment by e-mailing [email protected] within 14 days of purchase, provided the Zezenia Online Premium Cards may be returned in their full purchased amount. Payments via Phone Calls are not refundable.

Saucer Software reserves a right to limit or terminate the customer's access to Zezenia Online if the Game Rules, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy or this Additional Buyer Agreement are breached in any way.
Last modified 11th August 2014