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Beginner's Guide

Your first step is to finish the Beginner Tutorial ingame, which should be fairly easy and take only a few minutes, so we do not cover it here. Once you have entered main, you will spawn in the Temple of Ellaria. Ellaria is the capital city of Zezenia, where most players will gather and meet when they are not out hunting. Click here for an interactive map of Ellaria in our Library section. Immediately in the temple you should talk to Alexander, the temple monk who has a quest for you, with a better weapon as a reward.

As a beginner, a good hunting place is the sewers under the city, crab caves (map point 11), the humanoid spawns south of the Poor Quarters (map point 12) and the goblin caves (map points 13 and 14). Once you reach about level 10, you can explore the other newbie hunting grounds near the city, see the Ellaria map for their locations.
By default you will have the Weak Healing spell assigned to spell slot F1. You can cast this spell if you have at least 10 mana by left clicking on the spell slot or by pressing F1. You can assign other spells to your spell slots by right clicking on them and selecting the desired spell from the list. Spells will require a certain amount of mana and a certain minimum magic level to cast. You can train your magic level by casting spells, and you can recover your mana by eating food or by using mana potions.
There are also various hunting spawns in other cities and villages, such as Caerfa, Gulshan Village and the Culthan Ruins. You can travel to these 3 destinations for a menial fee via boats (see map point 10). There are many more cities, some of them only accessible by players with active Premium Time.

If you exit the capital city, you can keep on walking west to find a bridge over the river, after which you can find a large area with slightly more challenging hunting areas, like Ghouls, Leprechauns and Elves. There is also a small village called Humwich, located directly west from Ellaria after that bridge. Exploring new hunting areas by yourself can be challenging but fun, and you can also ask other players ingame for hints.