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Welcome to Zezenia Online!

Begin your journey in a medieval world spanning three continents in this free 2D MMORPG. Explore various environments, complete quests, fight other players in intense PVP battles, brew potions and join or create your own guild.   Read more...
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1985 active players.

Welcome to Zezenia Online!

Zezenia Online is a free to play 2D MMORPG, featuring a huge medieval world with hundreds of monsters, spells and quests to explore. The game is not playable on mobile devices like phones or tablets, but you can browse the website.

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1985 active players.
Explore various areas and solve quests. Battle unique boss monsters like the Birlusk Thyns. Hunt demonic creatures in the Chaotic Catacombs. Take part in intense PVP battles. Kill monsters ranging from harmless bees to deadly dark knights.
Solve quests and tasks
Teamhunt strong bosses
Explore magical areas
Develop your character
Participate in PVP battles
Rent your own home
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Once again we've been working on a patch, however, this time there have been some changes to critical parts of the game, requiring some testing before production release. As such, everyone is welcome to join this public test server to try out the new features and changes.

Note that there is no new content in this patch. It solely consists of technical changes as well as balancing adjustments. If you find even a small new bug, please do not hesitate to report it here in this thread. As usual, major reports will be rewarded, with premium cards or something else depending on the situation.

Download the test server client here:

Quoting Changelog 5.3.2:
- All characters are sped up by 100 levels. (Monster speed is not changed, so please let me know if you think they are way too slow in comparison now.)
- Fixed People list causing login to fail when adding more than 255 friends.
- Client will remember its size, and whether it was maximized, at startup.
- The left and right UI bars allow for horizontal resizing (resize at edge of free area).
- The side windows can be resized horizontally as well (at bottom-right edge).
- The spellbox can be resized.
- Loot messages now have 4 options: hide, show in main chat & on-screen, show only in main chat, show only on-screen.
- Added stat bars display (big hp & mp bars around game area), with 4 options: hide, top, bottom, sides.
- Added serpent sceptre to Ziyad's buy-in list.

- Lowered ingredient requirements for gathering speed potion and expertise potion.
- Changed potion multipliers from 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for the different potion sizes.
- Brewing potions now increases brewing skill faster than before, especially with the better potions.
- Lowered required brewing skill needed for some recipes.
- Adjusted durations for potions (light 20 minutes, life steal 15 minutes, expertise 10 minutes, magic defense 15 minutes, haste 10 minutes, luck 20 minutes).

Today we released a small patch, requiring a new client to be downloaded. This patch includes some bugfixes, additions to NPC buy-in lists and adjustments to dungeons and the Everath speed-rate game world. Again, for exact details about the update read the changelog at the end of this announcement.

If the automatic client patcher does not work for you (try running the client as administrator!), you can redownload the client from the website's Download section.

If you come across any bugs, do not hesitate to report them to us via CTRL+R or to support@zezeniaonline.com!

Sincerely Yours,
Zezenia Online Staff

Quoting Changelog 5.3.1:
- Fixed some map bugs.
- Fixed automatic patching on Windows to work better in future updates.
- Enabled experience rewards for kill tasks on Everath.
- Removed skill cap of 100 (task reward is 1x instead of 2x after 100) and magic level cap of 80 on Everath.
- Increased The Dragonia and The Demonic Passage experience rewards back to their original values of 50k and 100k respectively.
- Added golden milanese barbute, horned Y face barbute, legendary phrygian helmet, beetle shell gauntlets, emerald gauntlets, demonic gauntlets, heat armor, golden armor, ancient robe, mithril armor, golden bow, steel maul, ornate giant axe, spiked maul, skullsplitter, gigantic warhammer, masterwork knight sword, crystal ring, beetle shell ring, ring of the weevil, imperial ring, emerald ring, demonic ring, imperial necklace, valkyrian amulet and emerald amulet to NPC buy-in lists.
- "Updated threads" box links on forum lead to the last page of the thread instead of the first.

Zezenia Online version 5.3.0 is now public! This update brings you the all-new dungeon system, plus some new content and other small adjustments. For exact details about the update read the changelog at the end of this announcement.

To play you must first update your client. If the automatic ingame patcher does not work (try running your client as administrator before patching), you can redownload the game client from the website's Download section.

For exact details about how the dungeon system functions, please refer to our new manual article by clicking here.

If you find any bugs or other game weaknesses, don't hesitate to report them to us either on the forum or via e-mail to support@zezeniaonline.com!

Have fun in Zezenia Online,
Your Zezenia Staff

Quoting Changelog 5.3.0:
- 6 new dungeons.
- Added Orknie Archmage (new monster) area in Ben Qarassih.
- Fixed many map bugs.

- Added a tip box for when you finish a kill task.
- Added distinct animations for oceanic rod, golden ornate rod and emerald sceptre.
- Added sugar beet spawns to Lyedel area and improved existing four-leaf clover spawns.
- Changed required brewing level to learn some of the brewing recipes to be lower.
- Changed brewing ingredient amount multiplier from 10 to 8 for flasks.
- Increased light, gathering speed and defense potion durations to 10 minutes.
- Increased life steal potion efficiency by 100% and expertise potion efficiency by 200%.
- Increased people list limit to 500 for premium players.
- Increased party experience share boost from 12.5% to 20% per extra member.
- Fixed Ementku respawn time to match that of all boss monsters.
- Fixed bug with diagonal cast in Firewall.
- Fixed protection area issues with Arrow Volley.