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Welcome to Zezenia Online!

Step into a medieval world with hundreds of spells, items and monsters across a large map with 5 major cities on 3 continents in this free 2D MMORPG. Create your warrior, ranger or mage today and ascend to one of the 7 subclasses!   Read More   Register Now
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Battle unique boss monsters like the Birlusk Thyns. Explore the Elven forest and caves, and slay monsters like the Shadow Elf. Get great rewards from tasks such as the Vozuth Rune Quest. Battle Ice Demons and other monsters with your friends. Rent and decorate your own home! Sit down and take some time off for fishing.
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Today we banned 54 accounts for using illegal botting software specifically designed for Zezenia Online. We strictly prohibit the usage of third party software to give players an advantage over fair players, and will continue to monitor the cheating situation closely in the future as well.
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As we announced earlier, tomorrow a set of Halloween events will begin! Starting from tomorrow morning's server save, we will have a special halloween task event that lasts a whole 2 weeks, 1 week of double item loot and after that 1 week of double experience. A new client was released today to update the graphics for the new task items.
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In order to celebrate Halloween this year in Zezenia we will have 2 weeks of events. The events included are a special halloween task, double loot (items only, not money) and double experience (monster kills only). More details about the special task, which is not related to Osvald or Thorvald, will be released on Tuesday, along with a possibly required client update. Note that we won't have all the events at the same time - see below for the exact dates.
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