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Welcome to the world of Zezenia

Zezenia Online is a free 2D role-playing game set in the medieval times. Join the adventure with thousands of active players and explore the lands of Nyrathia, Norrlun and other continents! Read more...
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Latest Announcements

As has been planned for some time now, we have removed the level cap on Everath and introduced decreasing experience stages instead. Other game worlds are unaffected by this change. So from now on you can level beoynd 150 on Everath according to the table below.
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Today we opened a new section on our forum, the Devlog. We will use that board to post regular updates about the game's recent development behind the scenes.
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The new Speed-rate PVP server called Everath has been opened. Character creation for this server is now possible. No new client download is required for those of you who already have the game installed.
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