Premium Cards

Zezenia Online - Ben Qarassih
Complete the mysterious Birlusk's Gift questlines in Norrlun for great rewards.
  • Freedom
    Premium Cards are treated as any other ingame item, and can be traded or sold to other characters without special limitations. Each use yields your whole account 24 hours of Premium Time. Whether you want to use 1 Premium Card at a time, or load your account with 30 days of Premium Time at once, is entirely up to you.
  • Premium Time
    When used ingame, each Premium Card yields 24 hours of Premium Time on your whole account. Active Premium Time gives you access to a number of extra features ingame, such as traveling by all boats, ability to use new spells and outfits, ability to reach new areas and much more.
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    • Access to exclusive areas, each with their own special monsters, NPCs and items to attain.
      • Ben Qarassih - a southern desert-themed city.
      • Karkkila - A snow-themed city.
      • Bersund - A snow-themed city.
      • Gjadern - An island that you can enter until level 40, where player killing is softly prohibited.
    • Access to exclusive premium spells and outfits.
    • Ability to travel between locations quickly by all boats.
    • Death losses are 1.5% for experience, magic level and skills, instead of the usual 2%.
    • Larger light radius for your character.
    • People list limit raised from 100 to 200.
  • Extra Features
    Premium Cards can be used as payment for extra features ingame, such as changing your character name or reseting your talent point choices.
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    • Namechange - Change your name for a cost of 50 Premium Cards by talking to NPC Lasse ingame.
    • World Transfer - You can transfer your character to another game world (with some limitations) for a cost of 200 Premium Cards.
    • Blessing - You can get your character blessed (preventing loss of items at death) at a temple NPC for a cost of 10 Premium Cards and 30000 gold.
    • Cancel Challenge Task - Cancel your current Challenge Task for a fee of 1 Premium Card.
    • Reset Talent Points - You can reset your talent point choices for a fee of 10 Premium Cards.
    • Remove Murderer State - You can bribe NPC Collin to get rid of your murderer state (red name) for 20 Premium Cards.
    • House Bid - Bid on player housing with Premium Cards.
    • Found Guild - Create your own guild for a one-time fee of 10 Premium Cards.
Please login to your account first in order to purchase Premium Cards.